Account Registration
Why do I need to register an account ?
 The client can register on the www.Alnaharpluskwt.com website to take advantage of the following benefits:
 - Allows us to communicate with the consumer if needed
 - Ensure to provide a variety of product and a better shopping environment
 - Ensure that the Products Warranty is registered
Is it free to get an account on www.Alnaharpluskwt.com ?
 Yes, registration on the site is free

What are the available payment methods ?
 Currently, you can pay with one of the following secure methods:
 - KNET Cards
 - Visa Cards
 - Master Cards
 - Cash On Delivery (COD)
Is it acceptable to pay by American Express ?
 American Express Credit Card Is Not Accepted
Is it acceptable to pay by PayPal ?
 PayPal account Is Not Accepted 

Shipping and Delivery
When will I receive from www.Alnaharpluskwt.com the products I ordered ?
 The orders dispatched within 24 hours of purchase.
When does the Delivery Team call me ?
 We will contact you to confirm the time and address before delivery
Which fees do I have to pay for the delivery ?
 Delivery charges and timescales will vary depending on the type of Product ordered and the delivery address. The cost of delivery will be set out in the order summary shown to you before you pay for your order.
What are the delivery service areas ?
 Delivery service includes all areas of Kuwait
What kind of distribution methods are available ?
 - Your welcome to collect your orders from our exhibitions
 - Delivering the order to the customer

Return and Exchange
If I change my mind about the product, may I cancel the order and cancel the invoice ?
 If you change your decision within 14 days of the purchase date, the purchase process can be canceled unless the product is used.
What are the accepted situations when canceling a bought product ?
 We accept return of the Products purchased by you or replace them, provided they are in good condition, original packaging along with the box, user manuals, and accessories and to be saleable and merchantable.
What are the cases of incompatibility when a product purchased is canceled ?
 1-     It is not possible to replace or retrieve devices and watches in case of a re-wrapped or open the plastic cover case or product box unless they have a manufacturing Critical defect that is not clear at the time of purchase.
 2-     It is not acceptable to retrieve a product that has been used by the customer, and cannot be merchantable.
How will I receive the refund for an order I canceled ?
 1-     The bank refund process (K-Net. Visa. MasterCard) takes 21 days in compliance with the bank policy.
 2-     The amounts are retrieved at the same time, In the case of a cash payment.

What doesn't covered by warranty ?
 Any failure or break down of Products: The Warranty does not cover repairs caused by misuse, improper installation, breakage, and spillage of liquids, and other repairs arranged outside the authorized service center.
Do the guaranteed products have the same warranty period ?
 The warranty period for guaranteed products varies depending on the policy agreed with the product's authorized distributor within or outside Kuwait.
How do I know if the product has a warranty cover or not ?
 All products have a warranty cover, the warranty period is mentioned in the product description or in the purchase invoice. The customer has the right to see the written warranty in anytime.
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